Our History

Luther W. Jones came to Owensville in 1902, and in looking over the town, expressed his disappointment that there was not a Church of Christ.  N. O. Basford agreed with Jones and the two men started looking for a place to build a house of worship.  Jasper Johnson joined forces with them; and these three formed a building committee for erecting a church building.


A site was chosen on the corner Poplar and Main Streets.  After buying the lot, they started laying the foundation.  The framework was sawed, and several men used teams and wagons to haul the lumber to the building site.  In less than one year the church building was completed.

     Brother Amos K. Clark was called to hold the first meeting leading up to the dedication.  This meeting was held the third Lord’s Day in February 1906.  This was followed by a three-week meeting, which resulted in a great gathering.  Several were added to the church by confession and Christian baptism.  Soon after the dedication and revival meeting, the organization of the church began; and elders and deacons were chosen.

Fifty-four people united with the church during the evangelistic meeting and these are considered the charter members whose names were affixed to the “Covenant” (See below).


Elder B.F. Turner was called as minister and a revival meeting was held with Elder John W. Marshall as the evangelist.  Many souls were added to the church.

In the spring of 1907, Brother Turner gave up the work.  Elder G. W. Ford of West Salem, Illinois, was called to replace him.  Brother Ford arrived the first of June 1907, and continued to serve through 1912.  During his ministry the church paid off all indebtedness, and a celebration was held in old Casey’s Park. 

It was during the ministry of Brother H. U. Kline that on March 18, 1925, a tornado destroyed the church building.  Brother Kline and the membership met, a committee was formed and plans to rebuild the church were formulated. 

          As the work progressed, many contributions were made; and the building was erected and furnished at a cost of between sixteen and eighteen thousand dollars.  Elder Cauble of Indianapolis was called January 10, 1926, to dedicate the new church building; and the necessary funds were raised to meet all outstanding obligations.

Throughout the years, the congregation has been blessed with various shepherd-elders and preaching ministers. In the spring of 2000, Bart Newton, who attended FCC as a child with his family, accepted the position of preaching minister and he, his wife and three children returned to his hometown after being away for 19 years.

The congregation purchased 17 acres two miles east of Owensville on SR 168. The congregation moved into her new facility in September of 2013.