Investigation – Prospective members can learn much about FCC’s core beliefs by attending worship services, Bible studies and small groups. 

Prospects are also encouraged to attend a “Next Steps Discovery” class.  It is usually offered on the third Sunday of each month following the morning worship service. A light lunch is provided between the worship service and Next Steps Discovery Class. It is a one-session class that lasts approximately one and a half hours. Topics presented include:

  • The church purpose
  • Our mission
  • Our core beliefs
  • Our affiliation: the Restoration Movement
  • Our history
  • Church membership principles
  • Our leadership
  • God's plan of salvation, discipleship/spiritual formation
  • Baptism & the Lord's Supper
  • Ministry opportunities
  • Benefits of membership

Affirmation – Believers who have already been Biblically baptized into Christ (see "Our Core Beliefs" page), who are in agreement with the biblical doctrines of faith & practice of FCC, including the Biblical principles of membership, and are prepared to commit to serving Him under the leadership of the church’s shepherd-elders are encouraged to place membership.

Public Confirmation – Those who decide to place membership at FCC are asked come forward during the “Time of Decision” part of the Sunday worship service, usually immediately following the Lord's Supper.   You will then be introduced to the congregation and be asked to repeat the Good Confession of Faith: “I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, my Lord and Savior.”

Plugging In – New members are encouraged to immediately become involved in the ministry of the church.  The church provides several ministries that members can use their God-given talents and interests in the service of Christ.